About us

Years ago Norm and I bought three little alpaca males, because I loved the fiber and was learning to spin. We were not planning on starting an alpaca business. However, after spending time with our boys we changed our tune. Since that time; I have become a "Certified Alpaca Fleece Sorter/Grader, we have won our share of ribbons in fleece and halter shows, and learned how to keep our herd healthy and happy.

Norms professional background is in financial management and project management for Bonneville Power Administration. My background is software development and project management. Our combined experiences give us a logical and straight-forward approach to running a business.

At Andresen Acres, we feel our commitment to our customers begins with the first contact. We will always be there for you to answer questions and help you in any way that we can.
Norm and I truly enjoy discussing alpacas and the alpaca business. We invite you to come and visit Andresen Acres and see for yourself.

-- Noreen Andresen


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