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At Andresen Acres, we believe in alpacas. We believe that alpacas; are great livestock for
ranches with limited acreage, that alpacas are fun and easy to raise, that they are easy on
fences and pasture. But most of all we believe in alpacas because they produce quality
fleece that is used to create wonderful yarn, rovings, and finished products.

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Latest News

Happy New Year!
Here it is 2016 and hope you are all looking for a good one, I know we are.

Last year could have been better for us. Noreen had medical issues, we lost two alpacas and had to put down another (never easy when you are attached to them). We did sell alpacas and so that sort of made up for the losses. On the bright side, Noreen is doing quite well and our critters are doing well too. We now have our "Andresen Acres Yarn and Gift Shop" up and running.


Featured Alpaca

Andresen's Olympia
Experienced Female
Color: Light Fawn

Featured Stud

Andresen's Yukon King
Experienced Male
Color: White
Stud Fee: $500

Latest Product

Alpaca Products for Sale - Childs Hat - Green, Orange, and Tan

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